We often give talks at conferences and we strive to write about our thoughts and projects

Articles & Conference Papers

We take pride in sharing our thoughts and writing about projects. We often give talks at conferences, and we regularly publish books and articles in both scientific and popular journals as well as in news medias. Here is a list of articles and papers.


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Hillary helt helt forkert / Albrechtsen, Thomas. I:, 16.11.2016.


360 grader rundt om omnichannel / Due, Brian Lystgaard; Nielsen Tugcu, Sara; Bæk Kristensen, Jakob., 11. februar 2016.


Blind and visually impaired people navigating in public space / Due, Brian Lystgaard; Lange, Simon Bierring. 2016. Abstract from Movin,.


Big thick blending : Qualifying Service Design Thinking through behavioural methods and network granularity & extension / Due, Brian Lystgaard; Jørgensen, Tobias Bornakke. I: Working papers on interaction and communication, Vol. 2, 2016.


En systematik for ideudviklingsformater / Due, Brian Lystgaard. I: MedieKultur : Journal of media and communication research, Vol. 32, Nr. 60, 2016, s. 165-195.


Fælles orientering som ressource for idéudvikling : En single case analyse baseret på Distributed Cognition (DC) & Conversation Analysis (CA) / Due, Brian Lystgaard. I: NyS, Vol. 50, 2016, s. 86-119.


Interaktionel kommunikationsrådgivning  (book chapter) / Due, Brian Lystgaard; Gravengaard, Gitte. Kommunikation i Internationale Virksomheder. Vol. 2 Samfundslitteratur, 2016.


Møder. (book chapter) / Hassert, Liv Otto; Nielsen, Mie Femø; Nielsen, Ann Merrit Rikke; Asmuss, Birte. Kommunikation i Internationale Virksomheder. Samfundslitteratur, 2016.


Møder via video, web eller telefon (book chapter) / Hassert, Liv Otto; Nielsen, Mie Femø; Nielsen, Ann Merrit Rikke. Kommunikation i Internationale Virksomheder. Samfundslitteratur, 2016.


Teamwork (book chapter)/ Hassert, Liv Otto; Due, Brian Lystgaard. Kommunikation i Internationale Virksomheder. Samfundslitteratur, 2016.


Undersøgelsesmetoder (book chapter) / Nielsen, Mie Femø; Gravengaard, Gitte; Due, Brian Lystgaard; Nielsen, Ann Merrit Rikke; L.W Toft, Thomas. Kommunikation i Internationale virksomheder. red. / Mie Femø Nielsen; Brian Due; Thomas L.W. Toft; Gitte Gravengaard; Ann Merrit Rikke Nielsen. Vol. 2 Samfundslitteratur, 2016.


Kommunikation i Internationale Virksomheder (book) / Nielsen, Mie Femø (Editor); Due, Brian Lystgaard (Editor); LW Toft, Thomas (Editor); Gravengaard, Gitte (Editor); Nielsen, Ann Merrit Rikke (Editor). Samfundslitteratur, 2016.


The social construction of a Glasshole : Google Glass and multiactivity in social interaction / Due, Brian Lystgaard. I: PsychNology, Vol. 13, Nr. 2-3, 2016, s. 149-178.