We often give talks at conferences and we strive to write about our thoughts and projects

Articles & Conference Papers

We take pride in sharing our thoughts and writing about projects. We often give talks at conferences, and we regularly publish books and articles in both scientific and popular journals as well as in news medias. Here is a list of articles and papers.


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The future of smart glasses: An essay about challenges and possibilities with smart glasses. / Due, Brian Lystgaard. I: Working papers on interaction and communication, Vol. 1, Nr. 2, 11.2014, s. 1-21.


The sequential development of an idea in a context of rejection. / Due, Brian Lystgaard. I: Semiotica, Nr. 202, 10.2014, s. 207-240.


Et kor af korslagte arme. / Albrechtsen, Thomas; Christensen, Jesper Højberg. I:, 22.10.2014.


Google Glass har både potentialer og en lang række udfordringer. / Due, Brian Lystgaard. I: Politiken. 2014 ; 24. juli 2014.


#valueformoney på #fmdk. / Albrechtsen, Thomas; Christensen, Jesper Højberg. I:, 12.06.2014.


Ideudvikling: En multimodal tilgang til innovationens første kreative faser . (book) / Due, Brian Lystgaard. København: Samfundslitteratur, 2014. 190 s.


Is Google Glass interfering with the turn-taking system? / Due, Brian Lystgaard. 2014. Abstract from CA Day, Storbritannien.


Takt og tone for brugen af Google Glass: Don’t be a glasshole. / Due, Brian Lystgaard. 25. marts 2014.


Visualiser jeres organisationsforandringer med storyboards. / Due, Brian Lystgaard. 19. marts 2014.