We often give talks at conferences and we strive to write about our thoughts and projects

Articles & Conference Papers

We take pride in sharing our thoughts and writing about projects. We often give talks at conferences, and we regularly publish books and articles in both scientific and popular journals as well as in news medias. Here is a list of articles and papers.


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Parsimonious data: How a single Facebook like predicts voting behavior in multiparty systems / Kristensen, Jakob Bæk; Albrechtsen, Thomas; Dahl-Nielsen, Emil; Jensen, Michael; Skovrind, Magnus; Bornakke, Tobias. PLoS ONE 12(9).

Macron eller Le Pen? / Albrechtsen, Thomas. I:, 02.05.2017.

Learning during workshop meetings based on video clips / Due, Brian Lystgaard; Trærup, Johan; Lange, Simon Bierring. Paper presented at Gothenburg Meeting Science Symposium, Sverige, 2017. 


Multimodal interaktionsanalyse : med videoetnografisk dataindsamling / Due, Brian Lystgaard. Frederiksberg: Samfundslitteratur, 234 s. (Metoder i samfundsvidenskab og humaniora), 2017.


Placings : The local achievement of hand-to-head placing of glasses. Professional practice at an optometrist / Due, Brian Lystgaard; Trærup, Johan. Abstract from IIEMCA 2017. , Westerville, USA, 2017.


Practices for Enacted Embodied Prototypes / Due, Brian Lystgaard. Abstract from 2nd symposium. Conversation as a tool for professional practice. Norge, 2017.


Storming the body. : Practices for Enacing Embodied Prototyping based on insights form multimodal EMCA analysis / Due, Brian Lystgaard, 2017.