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The Digital Conversation

Over the past few years Scandinavia has become an increasingly popular tourist destination for travelers around the world. This has created a growing flow of tourists visiting the capital cities of Northern Europe, Stockholm and Copenhagen, creating a growing competition between the two cities to attract the most tourists and giving them the best experiences. A competitor analysis conducted by TravelSat Competitive Index concluded that Stockholm was doing better that Copenhagen in some aspects e.g. accommodations and value for money. 

 To map out all strengths and weaknesses Copenhagen has in relations to their competitor, Stockholm, Nextwork analyzed a number of underlying elements and dynamics like: what expectations do tourist have prior to visiting the two cities? Are the expectations met when it comes to tourist destination essentials (e.g. accommodation, dining, attractions and activities)? How do they rate their experiences in Copenhagen and Stockholm, respectively? Our answers to these questions were based on 3,6 million Google searches, 720.000 Instagram posts, 20.000 TripAdvisor reviews and 28 interviews with tourists on which we identified relevant strategic focus points or our client, Wonderful Copenhagen.

Download our report and read all our results here.