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Radikal digitalisering i forsikrings- & pensionsbranchen

New market demands, vast amounts of data, accelerating advancements of robotic process automation, and artificial intelligence. The digital age has prompted the insurance and pensions industry to undergo immense changes. The exponential technological development has revolutionized the way insurance companies develop, valuate, and market insurance products in the hope of remaining competitive and meet the customer demands of the digital world.

Today, algorithms already manage the investments of pension companies and member relationship management is morphing from segmentation to complete individualization. However, massive changes do not only call for new technology and additional digital competencies. The biggest challenge of the industry is an organizational one: new forms of leadership, integration of innovation processes, faster time-to-market, and changes of the organizational mindset are all crucial elements to address when navigating the changeableness of the times. In a new state of the art report, Nextwork a/s offers aid to the industry trade association ‘Forsikring & Pension’ on how to address the organizational challenges of digitalization and stay ahead. 

Download the report here.