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Når forretningen kommunikerer

How does the management best utilize the world of communication to create the best possible business? And how does the management best sort through the countless number of suggestions for political influence, visibility, transformation projects, social media and campaigns? Balancing through this landscape is the newest strategic challenge for the upper level management.

When the corporation communicates the management is giving a clear indication to the public and private sector of how they are forming strategies in the areas that are traditionally considered “soft”. This book contains a number of instructive models and examples that provides clear scenarios and advice on how the communication process can lift an entire corporation by: sharpening the brand and innovation, attracting and nourish political interest and relations and successfully implement change.  

Throughout the book, Jesper Højberg Christensen refutes a number of myths and he challenges – amount other things – the paradigms wherein the corporation thinks of media instead of business, discipline instead of integration and central management over network and empowerment.