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Multimodal interaktionsanalyse

The multimodal interaction analysis gives the opportunity to examine social interactions in detail and thereby study how social relationships, identity and meaning is shaped – being in a conference room, during a meeting, in a store, classroom, in the public sphere or around the dinner table.  

The method is characterized by not only focusing on the spoken word, but on all the different modalities that contributes to creating meaning in social interaction such as speech, gesticulations, gaze direction, mimics and objects.  

To be capable to observe and analyze all of this, it is necessary to collect data through the video ethnographical approach 

This book gives a collective research-based introduction to the most essential aspects of the process throughout a project that incorporates ethnographic video data collection and the multimodal interaction analysis. The book will therefor examine: 

  • What the multimodal interaction analysis can be used for 
  • The approach’s origination in the so called EMCA-tradition 
  • The orchestration and completion of video ethnographical data collection 
  • Processing the collected video material  
  • The creation of the multimodal interaction analysis 
  • Video based feedback for the participants in the project