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Langt fra Silicon Valley

CEOs from Coop, Maersk, PensionDenmark, Vaekstfonden and dozens of others have visited the digital mecca of Silicon Valley or tasted the hype of disruption and “exponential growth”, which in itself can provoke exhaustion, anxiety and sleepless nights. And despite all the potential business model reinventions, innovative tech start-ups, corporate ventures and the ever-present threat from giants like Amazon and Google, few of these Danish CEOs can use these new world (hype) factors directly in the day to day operation and digital transformation. What, then, do they do when back home in Denmark? What really keeps them awake at night when it comes to digital transformation? 

‘You invest massively in building for a new world that you don’t know but think is going to happen and at the same time you are keeping the old world alive and doing it faster and cheaper. Because you can’t just take away the old world and be dependent solely on the new one. It’s the schism that can keep you awake at night.’

– Peter Høgsted, CEO of Coop

Within the past 5 years, a wide range of Danish top executives and companies have worked with us in Nextwork, trying to navigate the challenges and opportunities of Digital Transformation. LangtfraSilicon Valley summarizes important insights from concrete challenges and opportunities through real-life examples, cases and considerations taken straight from hands-on Digital Transformation projects. Being forefront with the latest academic research, models and theories in the field, the book takes you through what Danish leaders from both the private and public sector actuallydo today, reactively or proactively in regards to digital transformation. And, even more importantly, what you can do when facing this digital reality. Get started with 9 important principles focusing on:

•Strategic positioning
•Refocusing the value chain
•Understanding the Customer journey
•Data usage
•Utilizing process optimization
•Ethical considerations and data ethics
•Reorienting the organization towards more innovation
•Core competencies
•Anticipate emerging technology opportunities

If digitalization is on your agenda and you face strategic dilemmas that rise when old world strategies meet new world challenges, then this book is for you. 

The two main authors are Nextwork CEO Jesper Højberg Christensen, and research affiliate Brian Due, Ph.D. in innovation processes and associate professor at the University of Copenhagen.

Contributors include Nextwork Advisors Johan Trærup and Mads Hennelund.