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Kommunikation i internationale virksomheder 2

Employees in international corporations must be capable of cooperating across organizations, levels of management, countries, professional backgrounds, cultures and time zones whilst joggling all sorts of media in order to achieve important strategical objectives.  The main focus of this book is how employees can most effectively communicate in these complex and dynamic contexts. The book thoroughly examines some of the most important aspects of intercultural communication and interactions in international corporations and organizations, so that the reader is more capable of understanding the underlying message behind a remark at a video conference or the consequences a sentence in an email can have on the business.  

With an outset in the science of communication and linguistics, the book centers around the daily professional interaction in international corporations. The employees inhouse interactions plays an essential role for the corporation’s success, development and financial growth.  

The subjects of the book extend from business letters, e-mails, face to face meetings and video conferences, formal and informal interactions, teamwork, knowledge management, organizational routines and socialization during inhouse branding, innovation and transformations communication. The book is based on the newest research and data from around the world collected by the author and there will throughout the book be given examples from communicative practices from countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Denmark, England, India, China, Germany, Ghana, Japan, Russia, Sweden, South Africa, Turkey, Hungary and the United States.  

The book’s target group is students who wish to excel within international corporation communication, as well as professional employees who wants the latest knowledge, inspiration and efficient tools to optimize their daily collaborations within international corporations.