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Innovation starts with idea development. There are many advices for improving creative processes. But there is a need for a deeper understanding of the interactional dynamics of the idea development situations and the culture that surrounds these situations. Idea development in organizations is a social event: People meet for workshops, seminars and shorter or longer meetings to develop ideas for new processes or products. The interaction is multimodal, i.e. meaning is created through different modalities such as the speech, bodily actions and the use of artefacts. The barriers and opportunities for better idea development are therefore located in the multimodal organization. Many problems are caused by interactional problems, but it is also within the interaction that solutions are to be found. In this book, Brian Due presents the multimodal paradigm and uses it to understand and solve challenges related to power, roles, identity, monological speech and the creation of a common performance universe. The book is intended as a textbook in idea development in organizations, and can also be readily read by managers, employees and consultants who want a better understanding of ideas development situations, and thus how to get better at developing ideas.