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Digital Transformation – Nye teknologiers konsekvenser for revisorbranchen

The significance of digitization is very high in a number of sectors today. New technologies are implemented due to both client expectations for fast, simple, and cost effective services as well as competitive concerns, i.e. the need to stay ahead in terms of cost-effectiveness.

We have worked extensively with auditors and accountants on a project focused on analyzing exactly how, and in what ways, each field will be affected by the rapid technological development, and what to do about it in regards to business strategy.  We focus on the transition from analogue to digital work processes to ensure that the industries are fully prepared to meet the near automated and data-abundant future.

Based on interviews with customers, managers from national and international digitalized enterprises, researchers and experts and the perusal of state-of-the-art international literature and research reports, we have identified a range of overarching focus areas of particular importance to the industries.

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