Digital Analysis & Customer Experience

Understand new technology and digitalization

New technologies continually penetrate the market and disrupt companies, products and services. In most cases people need to engage and interact with the new technologies. Thus, thinking about the design and the appropriate use situation in a sociomaterial world is more important than ever. Users and customers may benefit from new technologies, but only if they are probably designed and adjusted to the specific needs and context in which people use these products. The same goes for people with specific needs like e.g. people with disabilities, who often may turn out to relevant lead users in the design of or modification of technology.

We have been working with different projects considering the uses cases of new technology and the design of new technology. During the years of Google Glass, the first commonly known smart glass product, we tested, analyzed and did in-depth research on how the product was used in social settings. We identified several interactional issues and provided novel feedback to the developers in Google, San Francisco (Thad Starner). In a different project, we worked with blind people’s navigational challenges. Based on observations and video ethnography, we identified detailed issues during their navigation, and used that knowledge as input to new software technology development on the Google platform Tango. In collaboration with software developers we tested the prototypes and provided novel feedback.

How can we help?   

  • We can help with market research, mapping and identification of new technology developments.
  • We can help with identifying users/customers’ needs and behaviors through observations, video ethnography and interviews as a) inputs to new technology development, b) testing of prototype technologies and c) identifying challenges in the current use of technology products.
  • We provide strategically based inputs and recommendations on concerning understanding new technology.