Digital Transformation & Business Development

CASE: Strategy and Business Development for auditors and accountants in an ocean of digitally enabled possibilities

Defining the strategic direction
We have worked with several clients in the auditing industry on a reorientation process. We help auditors navigate according to the changed rules of the game, find their winning aspiration and identify how they want to play in order to win this game in the long run. And that’s not easy because of rapid digitalization, regulatory challenges, entrants with new business models etc.

How do we do this?

  • We work together with clients on Identifying and Prioritizing different opportunities. We leverage our expert knowledge about the industry, digital transformation, customer segments, competency structures and organizational challenges and we facilitate and prioritize these different themes in tight collaboration with the client.
  • We help clients Focus their Digital Strategy according to four basic ways of digitizing the accounting business model: 
    • Administrative and Work Processes, 
    • Client Facing Information Exchange and Communication, 
    • Supporting Advisory Services through Digital Data (as well as enhanced efficiency, quality and timeliness of the audit), and 
    • Advising Auditors on their own Digital Transformation.
  • Lastly, we focus in on a few specific Must-Win-Battles that need to be top priority for the company going forward. We further ensure implementation of the strategy in the organization through a change management process and assisting with developing required competencies for successful implementation. 

Are you experiencing undeniable change within your field? Let Nextwork put our industry expertise and unique concept into play in a way that is tailor fit to your needs. We typically facilitate strategy processes and workshops with top management, present our insights at partner or company seminars and facilitate courses about digitalization, strategizing and business development.