Digital Transformation & Business Development

Case: Opticians – an improved customer journey

B2C retailers are met by increasing customer demands for convenience and a seemless customer experiences as well as increased competition from global intruders and the growth of e-commerce.

Opticians are no exception. Nextwork have worked extensively with the optician industry, helping opticians defining and overcoming must win battles and reshaping their customer experience, including:

  • CX: Refining the in-store customer experience and creating new digital touchpoints that meet customer demands across sales and communication channels.
  • Training: Developing and facilitating engaging and very well-received sales courses where front-end employees were co-creating better customer service strategies
  • Re-branding: Developing onboarding programs for new employees and on-the-job training courses
  • Analyzing new biz potentials from new product categories, technologies and services as well as designing strategies for implementation.


Are you experiencing equivalently fundamental changes in your field and need to re-engage with your customers? Nextwork can help you through the entire process from:

  • Mapping customer expectations, needs, gains and pains
  • Co-creating and testing solutions
  • Implementation in your organization.