Digital Transformation & Business Development

Digital Transformation & Business Development

What is your mix between streamlining your own processes, modernising your services and value chains and establishing entirely new service offerings? Today, all these questions are inevitably linked to your Digital Transformation and Business Development. We help you find your own answers and Strategic Position.

Finding a strategic and valuable brand position when your industry is on the verge of disruption

How can a company stay in business when faced with tough competition on the one hand and digital disruption on the other? How do you beat competitors when most of them are as good as yourself, some even better and some of them robots? Many accountancy firms face exactly this problem right now.

Through rigid industry analysis, market evaluation and company assessment we have helped a major Danish accountancy find a unique, competitive and valuable market position that beats both current competitors and dodge the emerging wave of digital accounting programs. By refocusing the corporate identity, target market and the product portfolio towards offering economic consulting services and not just high-end accounting reviews, we were able to change the company’s course and set a new, sustainable strategic direction.

In the implementation process, Nextwork helped this company going through organizational change by ensuring that both employees and managers were on board throughout the journey. Further down the road we have also helped the company by optimizing direct marketing channels, sharpening the all-round communication as well as using data strategically in business-to-business marketing relations.

What can we do for you?

  • Holistic analysis of your competitive situation, taking into account emerging trends and technologies
  • Finding your organization’s new strategic positioning
  • Helping your organization leverage its full resource potential through experienced change management
  • Focusing your communication and you marketing efforts to create business value