Branding & Strategic Communication

Branding & Strategic Communication

Organisations, authorities and companies often seek our advice when their world or future is changing. We help them re-engage with their key stakeholders and surroundings. See a couple of cases and how we work below.

Securing an aligned identity in modern industries

Companies need employees who understand and live the brand, it's values and missions, on an everyday basis. The most successful companies also have employees committed to the aims and goals, and understand the paths to reach the goal. However, strategy and vision, mission and values are often only well-written statements hidden away in drawers.

Modern industries need to adapt to rapid changing environments and conditions. In markets with growth and expansion, companies must rely on empowered employees. But if there are no designed process and adaptive procedures, which can secure an aligned identity, employees will walk in different directions and make up their own meaningful stories about the company and its direction.

We have worked with internal identity construction in many companies and industries. One case is a large international pig production company with production facilities in eastern Europe.  We developed a modern interpretation of the company, by combining analyses of the company’s organisational development with interviews and observations and using modern branding theory in combination with co-creation processes and workshops among employees.

Our work is presented in the chapter “Ledelsesrådgivning” (“Advice for leaderships”) in the book ”Kommunikation i internationale virksomheder” (”Communication in international companies”), which was published by Samfundslitteratur in Spring 2016.