Branding & Strategic Communication

Branding & Strategic Communication

Organisations, authorities and companies often seek our advice when their world or future is changing. We help them re-engage with their key stakeholders and surroundings. See a couple of cases and how we work below.

How to live and align your company brand

Modern companies need employees who understand and live their brand on an everyday basis and under changing conditions. The most successful companies have employees committed to this purpose and these objectives. They understand the need to give meaning to and adapt to the ever-changing landscape. However, strategy and values are often only well-written statements hidden away in drawers and employees walk in different directions and make up their own stories.

We have worked with strategic branding and brand and identity construction in many companies and industries over the years. One published case is a large international production company where we used modern branding and positioning tools in combination with co-creation processes and workshops among employees. Our work is presented in the book Communication in International Companies, published by Samfundslitteratur.

Another complex and publicly published case is the branding strategy for University of Copenhagen in the so-called Hoiberg report. Today even institutions that have existed for centuries need to be able to harvest the potential in employees and create valuable relations with external stakeholders to secure funding and legitimization. Nextwork helped the University of Copenhagen with establishing an aligned internal identity and clear understanding of what brand position to construct. We also helped with mapping out stakeholders, and student journeys and touchpoints.