Branding & Strategic Communication

Branding & Strategic Communication

Organisations, authorities and companies often seek our advice when their world or future is changing. We help them re-engage with their key stakeholders and surroundings.

Securing an aligned identity in modern industries

Companies need employees who understand and live the brand, it's values and missions, on an everyday basis. The most successful companies also have employees committed to the aims and goals, and understand the paths to reach the goal. However, strategy and vision, mission and values are often only well-written statements hidden away in drawers.

Modern industries need to adapt to rapid changing environments and conditions. In markets with growth and expansion, companies must rely on empowered employees. But if there are no designed process and adaptive procedures, which can secure an aligned identity, employees will walk in different directions and make up their own meaningful stories about the company and its direction.

We have worked with internal identity construction in many companies and industries. One case is a large international pig production company with production facilities in eastern Europe.  We developed a modern interpretation of the company, by combining analyses of the company’s organisational development with interviews and observations and using modern branding theory in combination with co-creation processes and workshops among employees.

Our work is presented in the chapter “Ledelsesrådgivning” (“Advice for leaderships”) in the book ”Kommunikation i internationale virksomheder” (”Communication in international companies”), which was published by Samfundslitteratur in Spring 2016.

Finding a strategic and valuable brand position when your industry is on the verge of disruption

How can a company stay in business when faced with tough competition on the one hand and digital disruption on the other? How do you beat competitors when most of them are as good as yourself, some even better and some of them robots? Many accountancy firms face exactly this problem right now.

Through rigid industry analysis, market evaluation and company assessment we have helped a major Danish accountancy find a unique, competitive and valuable market position that beats both current competitors and dodge the emerging wave of digital accounting programs. By refocusing the corporate identity, target market and the product portfolio towards offering economic consulting services and not just high-end accounting reviews, we were able to change the company’s course and set a new, sustainable strategic direction.

In the implementation process, Nextwork helped this company going through organizational change by ensuring that both employees and managers were on board throughout the journey. Further down the road we have also helped the company by optimizing direct marketing channels, sharpening the all-round communication as well as using data strategically in business-to-business marketing relations.

What can we do for you?

  • Holistic analysis of your competitive situation, taking into account emerging trends and technologies
  • Finding your organization’s new strategic positioning
  • Helping your organization leverage its full resource potential through experienced change management
  • Focusing your communication and you marketing efforts to create business value

What is a world-class university – other than just a phrase?

Universities are a major catalyst for the development of our society. But today, even institutions that have lasted for centuries need to legitimize themselves and be able to pinpoint the value they create. Universities are constantly being pushed by industries and the government, and new procedures and regulations are implemented. Each university, faculty and department needs to be able to think more like modern companies in terms of being effectively organised and able to harvest the potential in employees and create valuable relations with external stakeholders, to secure funding and legitimization.

Through the last years, Nextwork has helped Copenhagen Business School and University of Copenhagen with identifying the key obstacles of being a modern university and securing internal alignment and good relations to external stakeholders through network mapping. We have been doing in-depth analysis among students, scientific employees and administrative employees and collected data among a variety of institutions and foundations, and turned this into findings of great value to the universites.

We can help universities, faculties and departments with establishing an aligned internal identity and clear understanding of what position to construct and communicate to stakeholders. We can also help with mapping out stakeholders, employees or students journeys and touchpoints.