Branding & Strategic Communication

What is a world-class university – other than just a phrase?

Universities are a major catalyst for the development of our society. But today, even institutions that have lasted for centuries need to legitimize themselves and be able to pinpoint the value they create. Universities are constantly being pushed by industries and the government, and new procedures and regulations are implemented. Each university, faculty and department needs to be able to think more like modern companies in terms of being effectively organised and able to harvest the potential in employees and create valuable relations with external stakeholders, to secure funding and legitimization.

Through the last years, Nextwork has helped Copenhagen Business School and University of Copenhagen with identifying the key obstacles of being a modern university and securing internal alignment and good relations to external stakeholders through network mapping. We have been doing in-depth analysis among students, scientific employees and administrative employees and collected data among a variety of institutions and foundations, and turned this into findings of great value to the universites.

We can help universities, faculties and departments with establishing an aligned internal identity and clear understanding of what position to construct and communicate to stakeholders. We can also help with mapping out stakeholders, employees or students journeys and touchpoints.