Digital Transformation & Organizational Development

CASE: Strategically navigating the fast changing market of auditing and accounting

How do you find the right strategic path for your organization in a rapidly changing competitive landscape? The Danish auditing and accounting industry is undergoing a series of huge changes including rapid technological development, new entrants eating off established players’ business models, changing customer expectations, high regulatory (and de-regulatory) challenges as well as an urgent need for talent.

We have worked with several clients in the auditing industry on a reorientation process. We help our clients define and leverage their core capabilities as well as defining what actions they need to take in order to survive in the long run. How?

Firstly by mapping out changes and condensing insights through interviews with customers, experienced auditors, industry- and technology experts as well as thorough text analysis of competitor strategies, capabilities (strengths and weaknesses) future goals and assumptions. Secondly by facilitating the formulation of a clear strategy and a consequential strategic brand position. Thirdly by helping the companies implement the necessary organizational changes through strategic change management.

Are you experiencing undeniable change within your field? We can help you analyze the development, work out the necessary strategic implications, and put words into action.