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Mads Hennelund

Mads holds a master’s degree in Business Administration & Philosophy from Copenhagen Business School.

He is a business consultant with deep knowledge about digital transformation and he is frontiering in the emerging field of "databranding", which is about strategy and competitive positioning, business development, dataethics and organizational change in a hyper-digital world. Mads is well versed in business operations, opportunities and challenges in the data economy and in particular the various data ethical implications. He has achieved industry expertise within accounting as well as insurance. Being highly skilled in market research, strategic positioning, branding, communications & marketing strategy as well as political philosophy and ethics, Mads delivers thorough and reflexive business analyses and advice for top-managers in Danish companies and organizations.

Having co-authored comprehensive industry reports about digital transformation in both the accounting and insurance industry, Mads Hennelund has established himself as an expert. Through workshops, lectures, seminars and knowledge sharing he is helping business leaders navigate in the digital, data-driven world.

Posts by Mads Hennelund

Web 3.0 will be a gamechanger for businesses

Blog post originally published on Version2 on August 14th, 2018 Cited on Techtobia: "Straight From the Tech Experts: What Will the Defining Feature of Web 3.0 Be?" on September 24th, 2018 [caption id="attachment_614" align="alignnone" width="525"] Web 3.0 will be a gamechanger for business leaders and brand managers in the years to come[/caption] Many of us probably dropped the jaw a bit when Facebook recently lost 13 billion USD as a consequence of the scandal surrounding the improper management of personal data. We have since then furthermore seen large telecom companies declare hand on heart that they will not sell customers’ location data anymore. These two strikes of lightning have made two things lightning clear: 1) The stock market understands the value of storing and making use of personal data. 2) Firms understand in all seriousness the risk associated with not handling personal data properly. Data security – and information security - will therefore be a key factor for companies going forward. Combined with other elements, this will give firms in the digital world a position which makes it possible to continue - and to an even larger degree - utilize and make use of user data. Personal data has most...