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Lasse Perrild

Lasse has a Master’s degree in Political Science and has in his entire career worked with communications and press relations for some of the most prominent institutions in the Danish society. He started out as a Political Advisor in the Danish Parliament and went on to become Special Advisor for the Minister of Environment and later for the Minister of Taxation. Since then he has worked as Campaign Manager and Speechwriter for the CEO of The Confederation of Danish Industry and Chief Press Officer at Copenhagen City Hall.

At Nextwork Lasse is responsible for the increasingly important task of helping corporations and organizations understand and act in a media landscape that is changing at an accelerating speed.

By using new pioneering ways of interpreting data developed together with the research collective Analyse & Tal he sees through the constantly increasing tsunami of big data to unveil patterns that helps corporations and organizations choose their strategy, their message and define the best channels of communication.