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Helena Christensen

Helena is a student of Film and Media Studies at the University of Copenhagen. Soon she will be pursuing a MA in Danish language and communication. As a project assistant at Nextwork, Helena gets to employ her education, while still pursuing her academic degree. Her main fields of interest are branding and how to utilize the potentials of social media through strategic communication. She also has an analytical mind and enjoys analyzing and finding trends in big data. She’s an efficient researcher and frequent conductor of qualitative interviews.

Helena has previously gained experience from working with DR (Danish Radio) and Warner Bros. International Television Production. She is using her journalistic experience to better understand complex problems and swiftly become familiar with new sectors.

Posts by Helena Christensen

Who is the loudest of them all?

Nextwork’s Head of Digital & Public Affairs Lasse Perrild explains to the Danish newspaper Dagbladet Information, why the Danish Immigration and Integration Minister Inger Støjberg is dominating the political debate on Facebook. A digital study that Nextwork and Analyse & Tal have done for Dagbladet Information, surveying more than 16 million data points, have shown that the Danish Immigration and Integration Minister Inger Støjberg is far more superior than her colleagues when it comes to Facebook reach and interaction. On an average her post will get 6,376 interactions, which is four times as many as the politician with the second most interactions, Pia Olesen Dyhr from SF, with 1,580 interactions per post. Lasse Perrild accredits Støjberg’s success on Facebook to her sharp eye for divisive content, and her ability to disrupt people and most importantly - get them to react. “Almost all of her posts are about immigrants, which is a subject that we know divides the Danish population. She therefore gets a lot of negative comments but they are actually helping her to spread her message, because Facebook’s algorithms thereby assess it to be a meaningful debate that should be spread out to even more people,” Says Lasse Perrild in...