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Brian Due

Brian has a background in social science and philosophy and is specialized in organizational culture, innovation, strategy and human (e.g. customer) behavior. He has a Ph.D. in communication and innovation from The University of Copenhagen, Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics where he is also associate professor.

Brian is a Research Affiliate in Nextwork. He is typically involved in projects where companies need to rethink strategy at different levels based on analysis and involving processes. He brings together business strategy with thorough empirical and theoretical methodologies with a focus on validity and business impact.

Brian can help organizations with
• providing an understanding of new technologies and mapping consequences of radical digitalization and transformation in different sectors, e.g. insurance, pension and audit, on an organizational level.
• analysis and better understanding of customer (B2B / B2C) actions and customer journeys
• analysis of all sorts of behavior among employees, customers, managers, citizens and professionals of different sorts (e.g. nurses, government officials, teachers).
• innovation and development of new conceptual prototypes (both physical prototypes and intangible prototypes like e.g. new business models.)
• branding on the strategic level based on market analysis as well as customer trends and patterns.
• workshops, conferences and creative processes.

Brian often present as keynote speaker on courses, conferences and meetings about innovation, organizational change, technology, radical digitalization and new methodologies for understanding human behavior. Brian is known as a key figure in the development of Video ethnography and Video learning.

He has published three books and over 120 scientific and popular articles on new trends, concepts and theories and empirical studies.