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Nextwork recommendations for policy on disinformation, as presented to the European Parliament

Thomas Albrechtsen will be a contributor and speaker at a conference called “Countering Disinformation: Democratic accountability and algorithmic transparency” hosted by the International Republican Institute.

Apart from giving a presentation, Thomas will be handing over a list of recommendations for potential legislation within this policy area. By now, Nextwork has build a pool of knowledge and understanding within the field of disinformation, and for this specific cause we have gathered our key points on how best to uncover and handle future influence campaigns.

There are three main points to our list of recommendations:

  1. Social media platforms have to work with authorities and civil society actors to unveil disinformation by sharing more data
  2. Social media have to be transparent as regards how they practice censorship, how their algorithmic recommendation feeds of suggested content work, and what adds are run on their platform
  3. Policy makers should be given fundamental training in the data-flows of social media, and the potential risks and pitfalls during an election

Our recommendations can be accessed in their full length here: Countering Disinformation