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Could Russian interference impact the next Danish election?

At Nextwork we advise a diverse group of clients on how to navigate and utilize a rapidly changing and increasingly digital media universe. Denmark as a democratic state will be facing a major digital challenge, as the next general election approaches: How can we make sure, that the election is determined by the Danish voters, without interference by foreign agents?

Over the past few years, we have seen multiple examples of foreign states trying to influence national elections using adds, fake news websites, internet bots and trolls etc.

At this year’s People’s Political Festival (Folkemøde) at Bornholm, Nextwork and Analyse & Tal have invited representatives from Google, Facebook, The European Political Strategy Center, and the Danish media industry to debate the magnitude of the issue, and what protective measures are being taken in order to sustain our digital democracy. We will be investigating previous cases, as well as the the risks and responsibilities regarding foreign political interference with the next Danish election.

Host: Thomas Albrechtsen, CEO, Nextwork

The event will take place on June 15th at 14:30, at the stage named “Det Akademiske Kvarter”, zone F14, Allinge, Bornholm.

Read more, and sign up for the event through Facebook (Danish):