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Thomas Albrechtsen invited to join the SIRI Commission, as it investigates how to strengthen the digital immune defense of the democracy

As the monopoly of truth is abolished, public belief and opinion becomes volatile. Multiple human as well as AI actors are competing to obtain influence. How do we best equip politicians, people and press to handle and regulate the flow and quality of information in a digital age?

Nextwork CEO, Thomas Albrechtsen, has been invited to join an expert group under the Danish SIRI Commission by virtue of his work with disinformation and democracy in a digital age. In the months ahead, Thomas will be working with the commission to develop a range of recommendations on how to handle the digital disruption of information and news.

About the SIRI Commission

The SIRI Commission is a think tank founded by Danish politician Ida Auken and the Danish Society of Engineers. The commission works to map out the changes, challenges, and potentials of artificial intelligence and digital disruption in a broad sense. The commission addresses multiple secondary themes one after the other, and sets up a working group of experts for each theme.

Thus far, the commission has dealt with the themes transportation, health and fintech. The next theme of the commission is called “AI, media and democracy”. The permanent members of the commission and the appointed expert group will present its recommendations by February 2019.


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