About us

About us

Nextwork is a small, elite unit of consultants with expertise in strategy, business development and strategic communication. Companies and organisations seek our help to navigate strategically and develop their business as their world changes.

Our services always start with establishing or reshaping your Business Strategy and your value proposition. From that, we:

  • Facilitate and focus your Strategic Direction – e.g. we can help you answer questions such as what do your customers demand? How do new trends and technologies affect your value chain and business models? What is your mix between streamlining your own processes, modernizing your services and value chains and establishing entirely new service offerings? Today, all these questions are inevitably linked to your Digital Transformation.
  • Facilitate and focus your Strategic Brand Position – e.g. what are your aspirations and how can you in your offerings and behaviors be relevant and legitimate to society, stakeholders and customers. What brand scenarios are then relevant, credible, valuable and attainable for your business? From this perspective, we look at which stakeholders are important in forming your brand and how to communicate your brand with each of them. In other words, we help you define your Communication Platform.

We do not believe in one-size-fits-all, and we are allergic to consultant buzzword-bingo like “Disrupt or Die”. On the contrary, we help you transform your business from A to B, always with your industry specific situation as a starting point. We strive to understand, analyse and solve complex business problems, and to help you find your own strategy mix tailored to your unique challenges and opportunities.

Our approach

We always prefer to involve you and your organization on a journey that makes you fit for the future.

We avoid Kafkaesque processes. Instead, we are flexible, analytically thorough and solution-oriented to ensure new perspectives on your challenges from a trusted advisor. When you work with us you do not get just another report for the drawer. 

Our methods and analyses are designed to enable you approach your opportunities and challenges in a  informed and strategically focused way.