About us

About us

Organisations, authorities and companies often seek our advice when their world or future is changing. They come to us with questions such as: How should we handle future challenges? Why is our usual practice no longer working? And why do our standard models not seem to describe the world as accurately as they used to?

We help transform the organisation and what it does, so that it can better adapt to its future.

The backbone of this transformation is to generate new critical knowledge and to test it. We do this by combining the best of two worlds: the one of the wondering academic researcher and the one of the operational consultant.

For this reason Nextwork collects consultants and researchers who can approach each task with great curiosity and find innovative, operational solutions to difficult problems. The fact that we are a small team makes it impossible for us to use assembly line methods – and we never will. Instead, we solve individual problems that we find fascinating and intriguing.


Many companies experience an increasing demand for conversion. This sometimes puts leaders in a position of bewilderment; they ask themselves what to act on and where to begin.

In the world of academia, the process that generates a researcher’s knowledge is called an iterative process. And it is this iterative process that we are part of in the companies we work with. This means that we generate knowledge about the company and its future along with the company itself.

If modern companies are to really understand the challenges surrounding them – and to use this knowledge in their daily work – it is important that they themselves help develop these insights. This is the best way of creating the latest and most solid knowledge about an organisation.

Because of this, we adjust our measures, analyses and methods to each individual client. We do not have cookie-cutter models for tweaking your organisation; instead, we ask questions and approach the company’s problems in an open manner. This means, we can uncover the real problems and thereby find the right solutions.